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Would you like to

  • learn how to take yourself out of pain?

  • keep yourself pain free?

  • have a body that is resilient for life?

  • resolve mental blocks/traumas?

  • know how to eat in a way that sustains you and builds immunity?

  • keep your environment safe for yourself, your kids & pets?

  • be self-reliant?


I can provide you with the tools. It consists of working the inner and outer sanctuary


The inner being your body/mind, the outer being your immediate environment (your home or where you spend most of your time). 

Your Sanctuary Consists of4 Pillars

1 - Movement 

Using mind body movement techniques such as Yoga, Pilates, Dance, you start to increase your awareness of your mind/body interconnectedness. The body is very real, relatable and is an excellent entry point for taking control of your whole life and building resilience. When you feel confident in your body you're able to do many more things. 

2 - Nutrition

With this increased awareness and confidence we start to move into a desire to nourish the body with the right fuel to keep it moving and functioning optimally. You’ll learn all about ways to balance your nutrition in a way that is personal and serves your needs & lifestyle.

3 - Mindset 

Eliminating limiting beliefs and blocks around how health and how the body works. You'll get there not just through what I'm saying, you'll experience it! The body holds onto all your experiences - good or bad. If we don’t allow these emotions to properly move through our system, it stays trapped as “muscle memory” and can manifest as pain, discomfort, stress, and in many other limiting ways. Through the physical work of combining breath & movement, and other emotional release techniques you can start to let go of these patterns. 

4 - Environment 

 Go from your body sanctuary to your environment sanctuary. Now that you're feeling confident in your body you can go further and make your environment enhance the life you're building and not take away from the work you're doing.

I work with people in groups or 1-to-1

*Please note that  All of our services are now being delivered as live, interactive, virtual meetings Utilizing the Zoom virtual meeting platform. 

Privates can still be scheduled in studio

Nutrition 2.png

health coaching

Want to increase your energy levels? Feel right in you body again? Avoid or manage a current health issue? Have the one-on-one support and accountability to follow through on your health goals?

Titi 3.png

pilates & yoga classes

Weak core? Back trouble? Postural imbalances? Chronic pain? How can Agatha's unique approach to Pilates, Yoga and other movement modalities help me?

feng shui 1.png

Healthy Home Consultation

What? I'm living with all these toxins in my home? Why should you prioritize making your home your safe haven?

Meditation Group

corporate offerings

Want to build physical and mental resilience in your employees?

Learn to take control of what's 100% within

your power -yourself!


I am lucky to get to do what I love each and every day – and that’s inspiring you to make better choices, and learn to take charge of your body, mind and environment in order to take yourself out of pain and stay strong for years to come. 

Do you feel like everything is happening to you and you have no control over it? 

Are you in pain? Sick? 

Do you feel lost in the sea of information?


You might be the person with asthma or eczema who's not aware of the connection between your condition and what you might be putting into your body every day.


The mother whose child has been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD and doesn’t realize the coloring, sugar or possible grains in the child’s food could be directly correlated with how the child is behaving.


The many mothers who when they laugh, pee in their pants, and think that is just their fate as a result of having given birth. 


The person who suffers from joint pain and thinks that is just a natural part of aging. 


Well, I’m here to tell you that imbalances in our bodies, such as incorrect posture or physical problems, are manifestations of physical, emotional, spiritual and environmental blocks caused by life. 


You hold the power to release these blocks, and our bodies present the most direct way to do so.

So why isn’t this mainstream?

Three reasons:


  1. We aren't taught to listen to our bodies

  2. Medicine focuses on diseases, not on what causes the problems

  3. You need to do the work, which is why most people just go to the doctor to get fixed. But you aren't most people.. 


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against allopathic medicine, I think it definitely has its place. However, if you continuously medicate yourself or go for the quick fix, you will miss the messages your body is giving you and the blocks will lock even deeper in your body.


Is this really for me?

This is absolutely possible for you! 

I’ve seen the effects not only in my own life, but in the life of many around me. 


Take my own mother as an example, she developed a chronic kidney condition in her 30’s which should have led her to a life of dialysis and possible kidney transplant. Through her nourishment of the 4 pillars she still has both kidneys today, their function has been quite stable and at times even improved - much to the surprise of her nephrologist! 


That is why I go crazy when I hear the advice being given by health professionals that it doesn’t matter what you eat or do, it won’t make a difference. Well, it’s not just what you eat, but what you surround yourself with too. And yes, it all makes a difference!


Nothing gives me more pleasure than to share these tools with you. I will coach you every step of the way, ensuring you have the right guidance and accountability to follow through on what you learn. 


You will be independent and fully empowered as these tools become second nature to you.

By nurturing your sanctuary, you can change your life and the life of those around you!


The seed for change is in each and every one of us, and you wouldn’t be here reading this if that seed wasn’t ready to be watered. 

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