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Pilates & Yoga Classes

Whether you come to my Yoga, Pilates or Barre classes know that you are coming into a studio that is unconventional.


I’ve trained extensively in Yoga & Pilates since 2006 and continue to study different movement modalities.


My work is strongly influenced by the Spine Safety Protocols of Dr. Stuart McGill, and the bio-mechanical problem solving protocols of Rebecca Leone. 

Which class is right for me?


If you are looking to: 

Increase flexibility

Improve posture

Increase energy

Better mental concentration

A strong core

Prevention of and healing from injuries


Then this is the method for you!  The Pilates system of exercise is a safe, controlled, and extremely effective method of exercise that works your body from head to toe. ​ It is a method that focuses on strengthening what is called "the core" - this covers the region of the abdomen, lower back, inner/outer thighs and buttocks.


​In creating this system of exercise, Joseph Pilates' intention was to create mental and physical harmony. This means helping each person attain their physical capabilities along with the correction of imbalances and weakness​es.

At Chi-Elements classes are 100% spine safe and functional. Following studies with Dr. Stuart McGill, and extensive training and mentoring with Rebecca Leone, exercises have been adapted from the classical repertoire to ensure you are never flexing your spine under load and that every exercise is executed in such a way that it builds strength and mimics day-to-day movements. 

We offer collective and private classes on mat, and private classes on apparatus. Please contact us to discuss what would be suitable options for you.


​Yoga was first written about over 2,500 years ago by a man named Patanjali. In his famous text "Yoga-Sutra" he spoke about the essence of Yoga, otherwise known as the 8 limbs of Yoga. Within this concept, he outlined that a complete Yoga discipline should incorporate elements of ethical conduct, physical exercises, breathing practices, concentration and meditation. Yoga literally means “union”. It is the union of the mind, body and breath. It is a disciplined practice that helps us quiet the mind while connecting with our bodies. You are taken through a series of challenging postures designed to work on various parts of the body, and you combine postures with the breath in order to connect the mind and body. Recent research has documented the effectiveness of Yoga for helping conditions such as: back pain, multiple sclerosis, insomnia, heart disease and stress reduction by boosting the immune system. In addition, these postures are designed to improve strength, flexibility, balance and psychological health. The use of breath with movement helps individuals develop concentration, awareness and focus.With other physical training, we tend to force muscles to always work the same way; yoga helps align the body correctly by balancing all parts of the body equally.

Our Style of Yoga

​Agatha is a student of Frans Moors, a direct and master student of TKV Desikachar. While TKV Desikachar's yoga teachings do not lead themselves to a particular style of yoga, it is a philosophy of yoga known as the “Viniyoga of Yoga.”


This philosophy roots itself in the belief that one size does NOT fit all. Practically speaking, this means that yoga needs to be adapted to each individual. When developing a yoga practice we must always take into account the differences in people: what is that individual's goals, his/her age, the kind of style he/she leads, what is his/her level of ability. Once all these factors have been properly assessed, then we can use many yoga tools to develop a practice that is most suitable for that individual.


This is the beauty of yoga and why it is often said that yoga is for everyone and anyone.

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