As a mother of three, I know firsthand how challenging it can be to rebuild your body, stay sane and lead a balanced life! I’m committed to helping change the life of anyone who wants it. I hope you’ll find this site informative, and that it serves as that little push you need to start transforming your life today! 


I chose the name Chi-Elements for its meaning - the energy of all the elements - because we are not one-dimensional beings and change needs to happen from many angles… It’s all about maintaining the balance – no extremes, no quick fixes, no fads. When things are in balance, energy flows and flowing energy means good health.


I would say that I’ve been making the philosophy of Chi-Elements a reality in my life since the age of 13. After making a bet with a friend to see who could stay without eating meat the longest, I became a vegetarian (and yes, I won the bet!) and developed a curiosity for all things related to physical, emotional and environmental health. 


Exercise was also a natural part of my life, playing all types of sports in school, and later progressing to dance, Yoga and Pilates. As for the environment, I try to be in tune with living in harmony with nature and respecting the earth.​  I became amazed with how everything was so connected: my physical state, my mental mindset and my environment.


When it came to emotional health, my first introduction to self-help books came from my mom, an avid reader of Joseph Murphy. My first book in this topic was “The Power of the Subconscious Mind”, which led me on a trail of books that enforced the message that we were responsible for our successes in life. All this provided a solid grounding for what would later help me determine my path in life.


After gaining a B.A. in Spanish Literature & Education, I went on to get an M.A. in Educational Psychology. After a few years of teaching in the corporate world, I decided to pursue my dream and study the disciplines that had become such an integral part of my life.


Today, I’m a practitioner in Feng Shui, NLP/Hypnotherapy, Natural Medicine, Yoga (in the tradition of TKV Desikachar), Comprehensive Pilates, Zumba, Personal Training and as a Functional Medicine Health Coach.  I have applied these integrated paths to health and wellbeing through my own personal journey of carrying three children, recovering after childbirth and raising a family.


I can’t wait to become part of your own personal journey to your best self!


With love & gratitude,



© 2020 by Agatha Degasperi