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Agatha Degasperi

Helping balance body, mind, spirit and home through igniting the energy of the 4 pillars
Conscious Pilates, Yoga & Health Coaching
How safe is your home?  Find out now


Hi, I'm Agatha and I'm excited you made your way to my site! Back pain? Diastasis Recti? Leaking? Not feeling like yourself? Wondering how you will ever keep up with the kids? Everyone deserves a strong body and mind, that works at its best and doesn’t let you down.


I’m incredibly passionate about health & wellbeing and as a mother of three I understand firsthand the need for self-care so you can be better for yourself and those around you….


I take a stand for body preservation, for being your strongest self, and for stepping up your mental and physical fitness. I’m a problem solving, solution- based teacher and my techniques are spine safe and functional. Whether it be through Pilates, Yoga, or Health Coaching, here you will find a space where education, wellness and safety are a priority.

"The thing about rising is we have to continue upward. The thing about going beyond is we have to keep going. Every last one of us can do better than give up."  Cheryl Strayed




"Agatha was and will remain my best Yoga and Pilates teacher. She always listens to our problems, she makes us work and progress in both disciplines in a constructive way. Difficult to choose 3 qualities, because for me, she is also very creative, serious, competent and I have total confidence in her.” 


"As Agatha's client, it is a blessing to find someone so professional and proficient in all the things she undertakes. Her yoga class is profoundly shifting, her Pilates strengthens me to the core, Zumba makes my spirit dance, and after my first child she gave me the most professional and caring post natal support I could ask for. All this with kindness and unique attention. I recommend her highly - who knows you may also be so lucky as to make a fantastic friend."  


"My posture has improved, and I am easily able to better realign my body. I now trust that I am able to heal my body myself with the techniques I have learned in class. I know that we are cared about completely - mind, body and spirit. I am  very thankful to have Agatha in my life, and have her share her beautiful energy and knowledge with me."

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