PostNatal Pilates

Hi there mamas! If you are asking yourself, do I really need a specialized workout program?? The answer is yes!!

You've just grown and birthed another human being for crying out loud! Not only is this an incredible feat but it also has a major impact on your body. From hormones, to abdominal separation (diastisis recti) down to pelvic floor.  You deserve to get your body reconnected and strengthened in a specialized way.

Our postnatal pilates classes focus on the issues pertaining to post natal women: core activation and strengthening, pelvic floor, overall body strengthening and postural balance. Joint stability protocols will be used following brain science techniques to help realign body and protect it from future injuries. Babies/Kids welcome in this class. 

Baby Yoga

A yoga class designed specifically for the baby and mom/dad/or other caretaker. This course focuses on helping parents connect physically, mentally and emotionally with their babies. There is a combination of gentle postures, targeted movement and baby developmental massage to safely and effectively develop your baby’s psycho motor skills. This class is ideal for babies from 4 weeks to active crawling. 

The material is a combination of techniques I've learned over the last 15 years, coming from my training with Peter Walker (teacher of Developmental Baby Massage), various Yoga teachers (such as Helen Garabedian & Uma Dinsmore-Tuli), and the teachings of Donna Eden on Energy Medicine. 

​Benefits for baby

• Promotes effective physical development
• Improves sleep
• Calming effect
• Enhanced interaction
• Increases emotional security
• Stimulates psychological development

Benefits for Parent

 •Fun way to interact with baby
 •Improves confidence in handling baby
 •Calming/Relaxing effect
 •Greater bonding with baby

Classes are divided into 2 age groups in order to account for the developmental stages of the baby: 4weeks to 4 months, and 4 months - active crawling. Currently classes are given over a 4-6 week period - with a clear progression from week to week covering both Yoga and Baby Developmental Massage.

Please contact us for dates.

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